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Unnecessary Battery Replacement Costs UK Economy Over Ј300 Million Per Year
CTEK Multi XS 3600Lack Of Battery Care Is Wasting Time, Money And Damaging The Environment

With over 30 million cars on Britain’s roads, it is estimated that replacing dead batteries costs UK consumers over £300 million per year, something that could be reduced by up to 60%, according to CTEK, the world’s leading innovator and supplier of lead acid battery chargers.

Last year battery failure was the number one cause for breakdowns in the UK, with the majority of these caused by poor maintenance leading to loss of charge. The current financial downturn is forcing consumers to cut back on unnecessary expense and whilst most deem their car essential, the potentially large costs associated with car maintenance are increasingly being avoided and many are now opting to undertake basic car maintenance at home.

Whilst the majority of motorists regularly check oil, water, tyre pressures and are even starting to perform minor or cosmetic body repairs, the battery - the very heart of the vehicle - is regularly overlooked. Modern vehicles are packed with complicated and sensitive electrical systems that constantly draw current from the battery; the high power demands of modern vehicles can potentially flatten a battery in a matter of days. Including a regular battery charge as part of your maintenance routine could, according to CTEK extend your battery life by as much as 300%, saving time, money and protecting the environment, as thousands of batteries won’t be needlessly disposed of.

Peter White, Sales and Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland, CTEK, commented:
“There is never a good time for a car battery to fail and whilst there are obvious financial implications associated with battery failure let’s not forget the inconvenience of missing an appointment or not being able to get into work. Battery charging is a money saving opportunity often overlooked by many drivers and with the amount of batteries failing every year due to lack of care, combined with the increased cost of batteries; it presents an extremely easy and effective way to save money in a financial climate where every little helps. Put simply, if you look after your battery, your battery will look after you!”

The CTEK Multi XS 3600 presents motorists with a simple and safe way to charge a car battery. Designed to be foolproof to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected and with patented technology to protect sensitive on board electronics there is no need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle CTEK then uses more patented technology to revive, charge, check and maintain the battery.

Peter White continued, “The Multi XS 3600 charger is affordable, desirable and with modern cars using many sensitive electrical components, completely necessary. The Multi XS 3600 completes four processes to ensure the battery is charged and conditioned to its full capacity – resulting in a charge level that is unrivalled in the market”. Backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty the CTEK Multi XS 3600 is the wisest choice for battery charging and maintenance.

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